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media data intelligence

Target 100 to 1M+ Business & Home Addresses with Laser Precise Targeting

Precise Targeting

Are you in possession of a list of customers or business addresses? Addressable Geofencing may be used as a stand-alone tactic and help improve numerous campaigns such as addressable TV Campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and marketing efforts targeting any specific household. Through the extended reach, improved frequency, and the foot traffic attribution via the conversion zone tracking, the Addressable Geofencing smoothens all the household and business address targeting efforts, making them more effective via our automated platline geofencing drawing capabilities. 

  • Highly Precise –Targeting relies on the plat line data, derived from both property tax and public land surveying information, to get the exact locations of the targeted addresses. The match rate is 90%. 
  • Highly Scalable –It is estimated that 1 million physical household and business addresses can be targeted per single campaign. 
  • Provides Foot Traffic Attribution –Generally, conversion zones may be combined with Addressable Geo-Fencing campaigns to help track uplift in foot traffic up to the advertiser’s location. 
  • Multiple Creative Formats – Advertisers can use static ads, video ads, and OTT(Roku) Ad campaigns and combine them with addressable geofencing.
  • More Precise Than IP Targeting –Addressable geofencing is more precise when compared to IP address targeting, with a match rate of 90%. 
Precise Targeting
Combine Precision

Combine precision of Geofencing with OTT Advertising

Combine Precision

For a while, advertisers have been using localized geofencing marketing campaigns to target consumers in a particular location. This is beneficial as many mid-sized companies couldn’t afford to advertise on TV stations such as TBS or TNT. Companies with TV budgets and those without a budget can advertise across connected TVs and over-the-top devices. 

It is estimated there are almost 63 million ‘cord-cutters” and “cord-nevers” across the United States who can only be reached on both connected TV and digital channels. The connected Tv (CTV) and OTT; offer enterprises a programmatic advertising platform that engages the digital TV streamers with a specific precision, set on all your campaigns such as in-market audiences, demographics, offline behaviors, and geofencing & household geofencing.

Demographic & Psychographic Variables Over 1300

When Kristyl Media says its hyper-local precision, we genuinely mean it. The advertisers can combine CTV advertising with geofencing, layered in over 1300 demographic and psychographic variables that the team can use to target any particular audience. Additionally, we ensure advertisers only reach out to leads who are likely to convert into customers. The best part is we can also measure foot traffic to your store for those who have either a retail or brick presence. 

An In-Depth Understanding of How The Addressable (Household) Geofencing Works

Targeting audience (3)

The capability of leveraging household geofencing allows advertisers to be more precise with any ad dollar spent while minimizing waste. With our programmatic platform, different lists of addresses can be quickly boarded, matched and scrubbed off any personal information that might be considered a privacy breach.

  • You can either use your list of addresses or request our team to develop a list of addresses for your targeting campaign, depending on your demographic and psychographic details.
  • The physical addresses that a specific advertiser intends on targeting are uploaded to our platform. 

  • Now, the addresses will be matched against the plat line data to help attain the specific physical location, size, and shape of the precisely matched addresses.
  • The system will then geofence each matched address to identify and target users. This only happens on the marked location. If an advertiser wishes, desktops, laptops and OTT/CTV devices can also be targeted on the significant site via our cross-device graph.
  • Furthermore, the audiences at each marked address are updated regularly.
Targeting audience (3)

The Top Benefits Of Geofencing

Key Audience Curation Benefits
  • Highly precise- Targeting depends on the plat line data, derived from both property tax and public land surveying information, for exact precision on the target addresses.

  • Highly scalable- Almost a million physical addresses can be targeted per single campaign.

  • There is an Improved reach over IP-based solutions that are limited in the truncation of IP addresses in programmatic advertising.

  • Provides foot traffic attribution- The conversion zones might be combined with addressable Geofencing campaigns to track uplift in foot traffic up to the advertiser’s location. 

  • Granular reporting – You can access a detailed report and the breakdown of campaign performance by Zip+4 level.
  • Cross-device- You can target everyone entering a specific address through multiple devices by leveraging our cross-device graph. The cross-device graph can target a device roughly 30 days after an individual has left the targeted area. 

  • Come up with granular audiences from the CRM system and different offline databases. 

Geo Zone Conversion Reporting

Tracking online conversions( form submissions and sales) is a straightforward process. However, tracking offline conversions is something complicated that couldn’t be carried out until recently. As we speak, we can track both online and offline conversions. An excellent example of offline conversions is anyone who comes back to your restaurant, retail store, or desired location. 

Are you leveraging our location-based technology to both communicate and reach your targeted audience? Then, contact us for step-by-step guidance on developing granular, tailored campaigns to meet any business and organizational goals, both short and long term.

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