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Lookalike modeling

Lookalike modeling

Find more Lookalike customers who are more likely to convert

Lookalike Customers

Both psychographic and demographic targeting are very powerful when reaching out to potential customers for both your services and products. First, have a rough idea of your audience. Afterward, advertising should be in place. Now, you should start getting leads. Always learn different things about the number of potential customers in the target market. Learning never stops.

Kristyl Media team leverages retargeting, and lookalike modeling through different digital platforms for marketing like search engine marketing campaigns paid social and programmatic display.

Allow Kristyl Media to connect you to your potential consumers by setting up a lookalike and retargeting model. This will definitely improve your conversion rate after you identify potential consumers.

Lookalike Customers

How Our Lookalike Modeling Works


Paid social, programmatic, and search engine tools can be used to identify audiences with traits matching those of your targeted audiences.  This increases the possibility of converting open-minded potential consumers. Below is a step by step procedure of how our lookalike modeling works:

  • You have to give our team your CRM database of top-rated converters. 

  • Identify the behaviors, demographic variables, and interests of your intended consumers.
  • Afterward, we will upload the provided data on different advertising mediums.
  • We use algorithmic machine learning to pinpoint individuals who are likely to convert into consumers. These individuals should also match your audience profile. 

  • Apart from reminding, our machine regularly improves its targeting. This is based on the lookalike audience that converts with either your brand or website.

Key Lookalike Modeling Benefits


Lookalike modeling proves powerful each day when included in marketing strategies.  This tool can also be used to target lower, middle, and top-funnel customers you think are interested in your services or product. Some benefits of lookalike modeling include:

  • You can use your CRM lists to find the right clients and potential converters

  • Your ad budget should focus more on those likely to become potential customers. 

  • You will gain key insights into the selected target audience for the campaign.
  • Learn crucial things about those converting on your website and lookalike models

  • You can leverage different lookalike platforms such as our search engine marketing, paid social and programmatic channels.  


The majority of location mobile advertising focuses on places people go and their physical activities. Kristyl Media’s geo-fencing services allows advertisers to reach different users, including those at your competitor’s location. Additionally, our geo-fencing can target users at an event or those who visit your store. When combined with precise polygon tracking, we can target a particular building(s), (not entire blocks) mostly which your audience visits. 

The Possibilities For Hyper Local Targeting Are Endless:

  • Event Targeting
  • Business addresses & Individual household

  • Music & Sporting Events
  • Conventions/Conferences
  • Competitor Locations
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Intersection of Popular Streets
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Office Buildings
  • Strip & Malls Centers

Geo Zone Conversion Reporting

Conversion reporting for online conversions for businesses is simple and straightforward. On the contrary, businesses find it challenging to monitor offline conversions. Kristyl Media can help you monitor both offline and online conversions. Examples of offline conversions include targeted audiences who visit your desired location multiple times. 

Contact us today and get a step closer to reaching and communicating with your targeted audience through our location-based technology. We will customize a campaign that favors your business. This will help your business attain its set goals and enjoy other advantages of location based technology

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